Australian Institute of Physics Education Medal - Associate Professor Manjula Sharma

19 October 2012

Associate Professor Manjula Sharma from the University of Sydney School of Physics and head of the Sydney University Physics Education Research group (SUPER) has been awarded the prestigious Australian Institute of Physics Education Medal, once again showing that SUPER, and in particular Associate Professor Sharma, are leaders in Physics education research across Australia.

Associate Professor Manjula Sharma, awarded the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Education medal for 2012 from AIP President Mark Duldig.
Associate Professor Manjula Sharma, awarded the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Education medal for 2012 from AIP President Mark Duldig.

"This is some great news. I am simply thrilled. Thank you all for your support," said Associate Professor Sharma.

Dr Marc Duldig, President of the AIP, commenting on the selection panel report noted that, "Associate Professor Manjula Sharma has significantly contributed to physics education in Australia. Her contribution has been sustained, as demonstrated by her service over many years. Her contribution is creative, as evidenced by repeated research funding and research publications. Physics education is of national importance, as evidenced by leadership of national Physics teaching initiatives and high-quality, this is backed up by peer reviewed articles and citations."

The prize is awarded to any member of the AIP who is judged to have made a significant contribution to physics education in Australia. In determining the recipient of the award, the quality of the work, the significance to physics education, and the creativity displayed is taken into account.

"It is wonderful when other colleagues I respect put time into putting forward a nomination, it makes my work feel valued," said Associate Professor Sharma.

Associate Professor Sharma has a strong international connection in the Physics education research field including a Thai connection, collaborations with Igal Galili in Israel, University of Delhi, India, several US connections and a Cambridge University connection is just developing.

Associate Professor Sharma is also the Leader of SaMnet, the Science and Mathematics network of Australian University Educators, representing Physics education in the broader community.

"In terms of international recognition, I have served on the Editorial Board of Physical Reviews - Special Topics - Physics Education Research and on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Conference on Physics Education," said Associate Professor Sharma.

The award will be presented to Associate Professor Sharma at the AIP congress in December where she will be presenting a paper on the changing face of education and the challenges and opportunities for physics.

"The higher education landscape is changing. I think one effective response to the changing landscape is Physics education and Physics education research," said Associate Professor Sharma.

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