Kickstart on the Road 2013

26 October 2012

A University of Sydney grant of $20,000 will allow Kickstart Physics, the flagship outreach program from the School of Physics, to reach physics students in regional and low socio-economic status areas in NSW who would otherwise not get the chance. Further, the program will now include workshops and sessions from Biology and Agriculture.

Kickstart on the Road team visits Broken Hill.
Kickstart on the Road team visits Broken Hill.

"I'm so excited that Kickstart Physics on the Road has grown and will be able to visit regional NSW again in 2013 and its thanks to the University of Sydney's Compass Widening Participation Grant that this can happen," says Tom Gordon, the School of Physics' Science Communicator who secured the funding.

The Kickstart workshops introduce Year 11 and 12 students to specialist experiments and concepts. "It so important to be able to do this as many of the schools don't have the right equipment. In some cases the students travel up to 4 hours for the excursion." explains Tom.

The Kickstart workshops are highly interactive with educational sessions specifically designed around the HSC Physics syllabus. While the Kickstart program is well attended by metropolitan students, those outside of Sydney don't always have the opportunity to learn about Physics in a lab or in a tertiary environment.

In addition to the Workshops and lectures, Kickstart on the Road will be hosting public exhibitions for the community to get involved. This is chance for the parents, teachers and other community members to also benefit from the visit. Amongst the invited will be local interest groups, business leaders and local government representatives.

"This year, Kickstart on the road will be bigger than ever. We have enough funding to bring people and experiments from Biology and Agriculture from the University of Sydney," said Tom. He continued, "This is such a big win and opportunity. I am very keen to share the experience with them and the students." "Kickstart on the Road is a wonderful opportunity for regional students who wouldn't normally have access to this great program. They are exposed to the specialist experiments and expertise that the School of Physics has to offer," said Tom Gordon.

The Widening Participation Grant, which is generated from the University's Social Inclusion Unit, will keep the Kickstart on the Road program running for another year - a good outcome not only for the Schools of Physics, biology and Agriculture, but also for regional students in NSW.

The Kickstart on the Road Program will be visiting regional centers throughout NSW in Term 2 and 3, 2013. In previous years, Kickstart on the Road has been to Wagga Wagga, Armidale and Dubbo, Broken Hill and Port Macquarie.

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