Ultimo Science Festival Einstein Lecture

2 August 2013

The Ultimo Science festival (12-22 September) Einstein Lecture will be presented by Professor Ben Eggleton from the School of Physics.

Help us lift the lid on photonics, the technology that lets us send text, images and video clips from one side of the planet to another in the blink of an eye.

Never before in human existence has such a remarkable technology been available to transmit and process such vast amounts of information.

See how breakthroughs in nanotechnology are providing photonic solutions with unprecedented processing speed and energy efficiency.

Learn how photons from distant galaxies carry information that reveal the origins of the Universe and how the quantum properties of photons promise new information systems with impenetrable security.

Presented by Professor Benjamin Eggleton, an optical physicist at the University of Sydney in the School of Physics. His research is underpinning a new information age that will be faster, smarter and greener. Part of the eighth annual Australian Institute of Physics/Powerhouse Museum demonstration lecture exploring the current output from Einstein's original work.

Information is available at the Ultimo Science festival website. The talk will be given by Ben on Tuesday September 17 from 6pm.

Contact: Tom Gordon

Phone: 02 9351 3201

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