Studying the evolution of galaxies

18 November 2016

What happens when galaxies crash into each other? How do galaxies evolve over cosmic time? How can we harness exciting Australian-led technological innovation to look at the universe in radical, new ways? As part of my PhD research within the School of Physics, I have been working on answering these questions.

As a PhD student, I get to have a crack at answering some of the biggest questions out there - Jessica Bloom

My work has also allowed me to travel extensively, from conferences in Tuscany (with wine!) to Uluru, where I enjoyed two stints as Astronomer in Residence. I love talking to the public, not just about my research but science in general, and all the fascinating things we are discovering about the world. And in my spare time, I work as a fire spinner, hula hooper and contortionist, so there's always something different to do!

On Sunday 20 November, I will be a part of the Science Says! show at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. It's a quiz show, like QI, and I'm looking forward to finding out what I don't know! I'm hoping they toss in a few questions about galaxies - meanwhile, I'll be madly revising my chemistry knowledge!

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