Physicist Elected to Australian Academy of Science

29 March 2011

School of Physics photonics & optics physicist, Professor Ross McPhedran, has been honoured by election to the Australian Academy of Science.

Professor McPhedran was honoured in recognition of his distinguished research in wave science leading to improved performance in microstructured optical fibres, diffraction gratings and photonic crystals.

The Fellowship of the Academy is made up of over 400 of Australia's top scientists, distinguished in the physical and biological sciences and their applications.

These scientists are considered to have made an exceptional contribution to knowledge in their field and have significantly advanced the world's scientific knowledge.

This is a very significant honour for Professor McPhedran who joins theoretical physicist, Professor Don Melrose, and astrophysicist, Professor Elaine Sadler, from the School as members of the Academy.

Many warm congratulations to Professor Ross McPhedran on his election to the Academy of Science.

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