ARC Linkage Grant for Medical Physics

10 June 2011

Research into tumour targeting cancer technology by Professor Dale Bailey from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Professor Clive Baldock and Associate Professor Zdenka Kuncic, both from the School of Physics, will receive $265,000 over four years.

The study: A phenomenological approach to improve radioembolisation treatment of cancer will research liver cancer treatment.

"The treatment uses radioactive microspheres that, when injected, seek out and target tumours directly in the liver without harming healthy tissue. However, we really need improved methods for determining the delivered radiation dose, which is the aim of this project", says Professor Kuncic.

This means that in future patients with this type of cancer will benefit from improved outcomes from this form of targeted radiation therapy. And there is potential for treating other sensitive cancer sites as well.

"We hope to make a big impact in the area of targeted cancer therapeutics by using physics-based strategies and our knowledge of how radiation interacts with living cells to develop quantitative tools which will improve clinical outcomes", says Professor Kuncic.

Partner organisations include Sirtex Technology Pty Ltd - with Dr Stephen Jones from Sirtex Medical, and the Royal North Shore Hospital.

The University of Sydney received a total of $6.709 million for 19 successful ARC Linkage Project grant applications.

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