Kickstart's on the Road again

12 October 2011

A University of Sydney grant of $20,000 will help the School of Physics Kickstart on the Road program to reach physics students further afield.

"I'm so excited that Kickstart on the Road will be able to be delivered to regional NSW in 2012 and its thanks to the University of Sydney's Compass Widening Participation Grant that this can happen," says Tom Gordon, the School of Physics' Science Communicator who secured the funding.

Physics Kickstart on the Road takes School of Physics demonstrators and equipment to regional areas to promote physics as an interesting and fun Higher School Certificate (HSC) subject.

Kickstart Students
Kickstart Students

The Physics Kickstart workshops introduce Year 11 and 12 physics students to specialist experiments. "It so important to be able to do this as many of the schools that attend the educational program don't have the right equipment. In some cases the students are distance scholars and they meet their teachers for the first time through the Kickstart program," explains Tom.

The Physics Kickstart workshops are interactive with educational sessions specifically designed around the HSC Physics syllabus. While the Kickstart program is well-attended by metropolitan students, those outside of Sydney don't always have the opportunity to learn about physics in a lab or in a tertiary environment.

"Kickstart on the Road is a wonderful opportunity for regional students who wouldn't normally have access to this great program. They are exposed to the specialist experiments and expertise that the School of Physics has to offer," said Tom Gordon.

The Widening Participation Grant, which is generated from the University's Social Inclusion Unit, will keep the Kickstart on the Road program running for another year - a good outcome not only for the School of Physics but also for regional students in NSW.

The Kickstart on the Road Program will be visiting regional centres throughout NSW at the beginning of Term 3, 2012. In previous years, Kickstart on the Road has been to Wagga Wagga, Armidale and Dubbo.

"To borrow from Willie Nelson's song - we just can't wait to get on the road again," says Tom.

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