Physics researchers are Discovery winners

1 November 2011

While many were focused on a famous horse race, Physics researchers in nanotechnology, metamaterials and astronomy proved to be the big winners in the ARC Discovery Grants announced on 1 November.

With a total of $26,827,735 in grants awarded across the University of Sydney, the School of Physics netted $1,624,587.

Dr Dane McCamey and his colleagues, Professor Alex Hamilton, Professor Johan van Tol and Professor Yoshiro Hirayama were the recipients of a massive $800,000 grant for their research into Electrical spin resonance detection techniques for nanotechnology applications.

Dr Boris Kuhlmey and Dr Alex Agyros were awarded $494,587 for their research into Drawn Metamaterials: Scalable nanofabrication for optical components of the future.

Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Professor Ken Freeman and Professor Stefan Keller were awarded $330,000 for research into Galactic Archaeology: A new probe of the cold matter paradigm.

As well School of Physics astronomer, Professor Tim Bedding, and former School of Physics astronomer, Dr Mike Ireland, were awarded $355,000 along with Professor Quentin Parker for a Macquarie University based research project Sound and Fury: finding planets amidst the noise of their dying stars.

The grants are awarded for a three-year period commencing in 2012.

Many congratulations to all ARC Discovery Grant recipients.

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