School of Physics student wins Prime Minister Endeavour Australia Award

30 April 2012

PhD student Patrick "Paddy" Neumann from the School of Physics at the University of Sydney will continue his research overseas after being awarded Prime Minister's Australia Asia Awards in the 2012 round of the Endeavour Australia Awards.

Paddy from the School of Physics received Australia-Asia Outgoing Postgraduate awards from Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the Briefing Program and Presentation Dinner held at the end of last year.

Paddy won the award amongst 13000 applicants in the Endeavour awards, and over 1000 applicants in his division. When receiving the award, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard asked Mr Neumann what it was he did. Prime Minister Gillard's response to his "I'm a rocket scientist" was "That's pretty awesome"

Paddy will head to the City University of Hong Kong to continue his PhD in Physics. He plans to test pulsed plasma spacecraft propulsion systems in the large vacuum chamber in Hong Kong.

"At the University of Sydney, I focus on spacecraft propulsion, but in Hong Kong I'll be looking at industrial applications of plasma physics" said Paddy.

While in Hong Kong at the City University, Paddy will be continuing his research from a different perspective. "What I'll bring to Hong Kong is my perspective based on my studies from the University of Sydney and also my strong engineering background."

"The equipment that I'll be using is world class, just like the equipment we have at the university of Sydney, I was pretty chuffed to receive the award and benefit from this opportunity" The Australia Awards aim to promote knowledge, education links and enduring ties between Australia and our neighbours through Australia's extensive scholarship programs.

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