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December 2012
Slinky Physics   View Summary
14 December 2012
Slinky PhysicsEveryone loves a slinky, but two of our physicists have discovered that there is also some fascinating science behind the simple toy.
School of Physic takes INSPIRE-ing first step towards satellite launch.   View Summary
11 December 2012
The i-INSPIRE Nano satelliteA team lead by Professor Iver Cairns from the School of Physics has successfully launched a test satellite payload on a weather balloon.
Perpetual Motion - ISS 50th Anniversary   View Summary
6 December 2012
Emeritus Professor Harry MesselThe Professor Harry Messel International Science School (ISS) recently reached the major milestone of its 50th Anniversary. A celebratory event was held last Tuesday, 27th November at the Great Hall and almost 500 guests attended including ISS alumni, VIP's and donors.
Dr Mike Biercuk in Top 100 most influential people   View Summary
3 December 2012
Dr Michael BiercukDr Mike Biercuk, from the School of Physics, has been named in the top 100 most influential people in Sydney by the Sydney Morning Herald's the(sydney)magazine.
New projects in Medical Physics   View Summary
3 December 2012
Nano particles are used in hyperpolarized gas MRI for lung perfusion and molecular imagingAssociate Professor Yves De Deene has hit the ground running by actively contributing to the School of Physics and the Faculty of Science at conferences, in in papers and with some new ideas and projects.
November 2012
Professor Peter Robinson wins NSW Science and Engineering Award   View Summary
29 November 2012
Prof Peter Robinson wins NSW Science and Engineering AwardProfessor Peter Robinson, from the School of Physics, has won the NSW Science and Engineering Award for Emerging Research announced on 14 November 2012 at an awards ceremony held at Government House, Sydney.
Total eclipse of the Sun   View Summary
15 November 2012
Total solar eclipse November 14 2012.A total of 16 staff and students from the School of Physics made the journey Far North Queensland, in order to have a glimpse at the upcoming Solar Eclipse early on the morning of Wednesday 14 November.
ARC grant success for School of Physics   View Summary
14 November 2012
ARCThe School of Physics continues its record of outstanding successes in researcg grants awarded by the ARC.
Galaxies without stars: The problem of the missing hydrogen   View Summary
12 November 2012
Blach hole QUASARDr Stephen Curran from the School of Physics & CAASTRO, & Dr Matthew Whiting from CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science, have devised a model showing why no cold hydrogen is found in the outer reaches of the universe
Science Teachers Workshop 2012: A Big Year!   View Summary
7 November 2012
Physics Head of School Professor Tim Bedding adresses the Science Teachers WorkshopsThe University of Sydney School of Physics was delighted to run the Biennial Science Teachers' Workshop 2012: A Big Year. Over 100 teachers from all over NSW participated in the two day workshop in a celebration of the big year in Physics.
October 2012
Tara Murphy: Young Tall Poppy   View Summary
26 October 2012
Tara Murphy. Young Tall Poppy award winnerDr Tara Murphy from the University of Sydney School of Physics and the Sydney Institute of Astronomy (SiFA) has been awarded the prestigious Young Tall Poppy award for New South Wales.
Kickstart on the Road 2013   View Summary
26 October 2012
Kickstart team on the road at the Parkes Radio Observatory

A University of Sydney grant of $20,000 will allow Kickstart Physics, the flagship outreach program from the School of Physics, to reach physics students in regional and low socio-economic status areas in NSW who would otherwise not get the chance. Further, the program will now include workshops and sessions from Biology and Agriculture.

Australian Institute of Physics Education Medal - Associate Professor Manjula Sharma   View Summary
19 October 2012
Associate Professor Manjula Sharma, SUPERAssociate Professor Manjula Sharma, head of the Sydney University Physics Education Research group (SUPER) has been awarded the Australian Institute of physics Educational medal for 2012
Women of Influence - Kate Gunn   View Summary
16 October 2012
Kate Gunn, COO, CAASTROKate Gunn, Chief Operating Officer of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for All Sky Astronomy (CAASTRO) at the University of Sydney has been recognised as one of Australia's top 100 Women of Influence. The Australian Financial Review and Westpac have recognised outstanding women who are using their influence to improve business and society.
Nobel prize in Physics 2012 - Accessing Quantum Systems in the Lab   View Summary
10 October 2012
The Nobel Prize for PhysicsThe University of Sydney School of Physics congratulates the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics, David Wineland and Serge Haroche.
Low Frequency Photonics: Bridging the Gap   View Summary
8 October 2012
IPOS symposiumThis year's IPOS symposium will bring together researchers from Australia and around the world to focus on the optical physics and technology of the mid-infrared, terahertz waves and microwave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
September 2012
Australian Conference for Science and Maths Education (ACSME)   View Summary
24 September 2012
Associate Professor Manju SharmaThe Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, hosted by the University of Sydney, examined university teaching and learning standards in a national conference of tertiary educators from Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 September 2012.
August 2012
Ben Eggleton named as new ARC Australian Laureate Fellow   View Summary
6 August 2012
Ben EggletonBen Eggleton from CUDOS is among 3 Faculty of Science researchers who have been funded by the ARC as Australian Laureate Fellows, announced on 30 July by Senator Chris Evans, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science & Research
Sleek Geeks go live with '50 Shades of Geek'   View Summary
6 August 2012
Sleek GeeksIt's a National Science Week launch like no other as Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer - Australia's favourite Sleek Geeks - celebrate science with their show '50 Shades of Geek' on 13 August 2012.
July 2012
Top Outcomes for Quantum Physics Honours Students   View Summary
10 July 2012
Quantum physic studentsThree Class of 2011 Honours students in Quantum Physics have had their work appear in separate articles in the journal Physical Review Letters, the premier technical journal for the physical sciences.
The Higgs boson, the last important piece of a nuclear physics jigsaw puzzle.   View Summary
10 July 2012
Assocuate Professor Kevin Varvell from CoEPPThe sun will rise tomorrow and, when I get out of bed, it will still be the middle of winter in Australia. But, just like finding out for sure that there are other intelligent beings in the universe, while nothing will appear to have changed, everything has.
First radio waves detected from intermediate mass black holes   View Summary
10 July 2012
HLX-1, Intermediate Mass Black HoleA team led by Dr Farrell, discovered the first intermediate mass black hole, called HLX-1, and published their findings in the journal Nature in 2009. This latest paper published in Science on 6 July 2012 examines radio emissions from HLX-1, which are the first radio waves observed from an intermediate mass black hole and have allowed the scientists to refine the estimated size of this newly discovered black hole.
Higgs boson announcement - PhD Candidate Mark Scarcella responds   View Summary
6 July 2012
Higgs Boson announcementEvidence for the existence of a new sub-atomic particle resembling the elusive and long-sought-after Higgs boson was announced last night in a pair of seminars given at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN.
Higgs boson announcement an historic day for Physics   View Summary
5 July 2012
Higgs Boson announcementEvidence for the existence of a new sub-atomic particle resembling the elusive and long-sought-after Higgs boson was announced last night in a pair of seminars given at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN.
June 2012
Scan on rats in motion opens new areas of research   View Summary
25 June 2012
rat in PET scannerResearchers from the School of Physics and the Brain and Mind Research Institute have developed a way of performing PET scans on laboratory rats that are in motion, making possible new experiments linking brain and behavioural function.
How to teach science and computing in the age of big data   View Summary
24 June 2012
Inspiring AustraliaThe University's National Science Challenge won government funding via Inspiring Australia. Dr Tara Murphy and A/Prof James Curran explain how students will analyse scientific data in fun online experiments.
Trio of CUDOS results make an international splash   View Summary
13 June 2012
CUDOS Photonics chipA University of Sydney School of Physics team led by Professor Ben Eggleton and Professor Martijn de Sterke, from the Australian Research Council Centre for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS), has been selected to present three prestigious post deadline papers at the Nonlinear Photonics international meeting organised by the Optical Society of America.
Transit of Venus   View Summary
4 June 2012
Venus in transitView the transit of Venus at the University of Sydney. An event from the Physics Society, the School of Physics and the Science Faculty at the University of Sydney.
April 2012
School of Physics student wins Prime Minister Endeavour Australia Award   View Summary
30 April 2012
Mr Patrick NeumannPhD student Patrick "Paddy" Neumann from the School of Physics University of Sydney will continue his research overseas after being awarded Prime Minister's Australia Asia Awards in the 2012 round of the Endeavour Australia Awards.
Uncovering a secret weight-loss trick from the galaxy's biggest stars   View Summary
12 April 2012
An artist's impression of a star and dust shell.Putting all dieters to shame, the red giant stars of our galaxy lose many times the entire mass of the Earth, every year.
Quantum simulation with hundreds of quibits   View Summary
12 April 2012
Dr Michael BiercukA tiny crystal that enables a computer to perform calculations that currently stump the world's most powerful supercomputers has been developed by an international team including the University of Sydney's Dr Michael Biercuk.
New ultra small laser opens up a world of possibilities   View Summary
4 April 2012
Dr David MossAn international team of scientists, including Dr David Moss, from the University of Sydney's School of Physics, has created a new form of ultra small laser that will revolutionise many fields.
March 2012
Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science   View Summary
29 March 2012
Professor Joss Bland-HawthornProfessor Joss Bland-Hawthorn, from the School of Physics, has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, announced on 26 March 2012.
A killer entrance: the devastating effects of space travel   View Summary
8 March 2012
space-time warpRapid long distance space travel could create the ultimate killer entrance - not in a stylish way, but by annihilating anything around a landing spacecraft, according to Prof Geraint Lewis & two of his students
CAASTRO brings astronomy and music together   View Summary
5 March 2012
Professor Bryan GaenslerExploring the connections between astronomy and music, Professor Bryan Gaensler, Director of CAASTRO - the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics - will present at a special concert presented by Musica Viva and Canadian chamber orchestra, Tafelmusik, on Saturday 10 March.
February 2012
Nanodiamonds, perhaps an astrophysicists best friend   View Summary
17 February 2012
Dr Sean FarrellProfessor David McKenzie from the University of Sydney School of Physics has led a team that may give new understanding of why diamond is so common in space.
Intermediate Black Holes and Revelations   View Summary
16 February 2012
Dr Sean FarrellA research team led by Dr Sean Farrell, at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy at the University of Sydney, has found that a newly discovered type of black hole - an Intermediate Mass Black Hole - reveals clues on how galaxies are formed.
Professor Ben Eggleton wins Walter Boas Medal   View Summary
3 February 2012
Professor Ben EggletonProf. Ben Eggleton, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) in the School of Physics, has won the Walter Boas Medal from the Australian Institute of Physics.
January 2012
Astronomer awarded prestigious RAS medal   View Summary
13 January 2012
Professor Joss Bland-HawthornSchool of Physics astronomer and astrophotonics pioneer, Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn, has been awarded the 2012 Jackson Gwilt medal of the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).