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December 2013
Biofuel technology developed at the School of Physics wins prize at Bioenergy Australia Conference   View Summary
12 December 2013
Bioenergy AustraliaPhD student Clara Tran and Professor David McKenzie from the University of Sydney, School of Physics have presented an oral presentation at the Bioenergy Australia Conference, an organisation that combines Industry, Universities and CSIRO to promote the use of and research into biofuels and won the prize for the best poster presentation.
University and Technion collaboration promises faster, more powerful next-generation computers   View Summary
6 December 2013
CUDOS Technion collaborationThe development of groundbreaking communications systems for the next generation of computers is the goal of research collaboration between the University of Sydney and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.
November 2013
44 million stars and counting: Remapping the sky   View Summary
28 November 2013
Remapping the skyTens of millions of stars and galaxies, among them hundreds of thousands that are unexpectedly fading or brightening, have been catalogued properly for the first time.
Quantum computing record breaker   View Summary
21 November 2013
Quantum computing record breakerA School of Physics researcher's proposal has led to a new world record for the largest quantum 'circuit board' ever produced - an essential component for a quantum computer made of laser light.
Two Tall Poppy winners   View Summary
1 November 2013
Tall Poppy awards 2013Two School of Physics researchers Dr Dennis Stello and Dr Alex Argyros have been awarded NSW Young Tall Poppy awards in a ceremony at the powerhouse museum on October 31.
October 2013
High school students take part in CoEPP masterclass   View Summary
31 October 2013
Large Hadron ColliderThe School of Physics ran the one-day international masterclass for forty Sydney High School students in collaboration with the Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale (CoEPP) and the International Particle Physics Outreach Group.
A new way of seeing - meta-material lens with ten times more power   View Summary
29 October 2013
Meta-material lensSchool of Physics researchers have developed a metamaterial lens with ten times the resolution of any current lens, making it a powerful new tool for the biological sciences.
Giant misalignment in multi-planet system   View Summary
18 October 2013
Sydney Institute for AstronomyTwo University of Sydney astronomers are part of an international team, led by their former PhD student, that has discovered the first multiplanet system in which the equator of the host star is misaligned with the orbital plane of its planets. Published in today's edition of Science, the finding puts a new twist on one of the longest standing puzzles in exoplanet theory: the formation of "hot Jupiters", giant planets in close-in orbits around their host stars.
Fronties of Optics   View Summary
14 October 2013
The CUDOS Photonics chipUniversity of Sydney School of Physics teams led by Dr David Marpaung and PhD student Mr Yvan Paquot, from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS), has been selected to present two prestigious post deadline papers at the Frontiers in Optics meeting organised by the Optical Society of America. The team's submissions were chosen from a highly competitive field.
Top 50 philanthropic gifts include two at the University of Sydney   View Summary
14 October 2013
Australians first supercomputer, SILLIACThe contribution to Australian society made possible by two philanthropic gifts to the University of Sydney have seen them feature in a top 50 philanthropic gifts list published today.
Photons on demand now possible on a photonics chip   View Summary
11 October 2013
Centre for Ultrahigh Bandwidth devices for Optical SystemsA breakthrough in photonics that will help create extremely compact optical chips, a hair's width in size and delivering a single photon at a time, has been achieved by researchers from the University of Sydney.
September 2013
Dr Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture   View Summary
26 September 2013
Dr Peter Domuchuk Memorial LectureProfessor Fiorenzo Omenetto from Tufts University will talk about "The multiple forms of silk - from ancient textile to future technology".
The dragon awakes - colossal explosion from supermassive black hole at centre of galaxy revealed   View Summary
24 September 2013
Professor Joss Bland-HawthornA School of Physics team has revealed that two million years ago, a supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy, erupted in an explosion so powerful that it lit up a cloud 200,000 light years away.
Professor Bryan Gaensler wins Scopus Young Researcher Award   View Summary
12 September 2013
Professor Bryan GaenslerProfessor Bryan Gaensler, Director of CAASTRO - the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics, based in the School of Physics - has won the 2013 Scopus Young Researcher Award for the Physical Sciences.
CRC for Cell therapy opportunities   View Summary
6 September 2013
Professor Marcela BilekMarcela Bilek, Director of the University's node of the CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing, is part of an exciting new research consortium, launched this year by the Federal Government, involving several state-of-the-art research laboratories and several global commercial enterprises
August 2013
Eureka Science prize nominations   View Summary
2 August 2013
Eureka Science Prozes NominationsFour scientists from the University of Sydney's School of Physics have been named as finalists in the prestigious Eureka Prizes, announced on 2 August 2013.
Ultimo Science Festival Einstein Lecture   View Summary
2 August 2013
Professor Ben EggletonThe Ultimo Science festival (12-22 September) Einstein Lecture will be presented by Professor Ben Eggleton from the School of Physics.
June 2013
Dr Michael Biercuk invited to Founders 50   View Summary
24 June 2013
Dr Michael Biercuk invited to Founders 50Dr Michael Biercuk from the School of Physics has attended one of the world's most exclusive technology conferences.
AIN building work launched by Senator Kim Carr   View Summary
24 June 2013
AIN - sited behind the heritage School of Physics buildingSenator The Hon Kim Carr, federal Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and Minister for Higher Education, has launched building work on the site for the new Australian Institute for Nanoscience.
Making memories brings us closer to quantum computers   View Summary
20 June 2013
Quantum simulationA breakthrough which brings us closer to solving problems more complex than any current supercomputer can address, in codebreaking, physics, and clean energy, has been achieved by researchers from the University of Sydney and Dartmouth College in the US.
Sydney University astronomers granted observing time on the Hubble Space Telescope   View Summary
17 June 2013
Hubble Space TelescopeTwo astronomers, Professors Geraint Lewis and Joss Bland-Hawthorn, from the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, located in the School of Physics, have been awarded observing time on one of the world's premier observing facilities, the Hubble Space Telescope. Obtaining observations with this unparalleled telescope is extremely competitive, and this award has demonstrated that their research is world-leading.
SAMI Galaxy Survey boosted to dissect thousands of galaxies   View Summary
1 June 2013
Optical image from the SDSS Survey of a nearby galaxy.The equivalent of $3 million in observing time using Australia's premier optical telescope have been awarded to an Australian and international research team, led by the University of Sydney and CAASTRO.
May 2013
Sydney astronomy student wins coveted Bok Prize   View Summary
20 May 2013
The Bok PrizeBen Pope, an astronomy student based within the School of Physics has won the 2013 Bok Prize for the Best Honours Thesis in astronomy across all Australian universities.
April 2013
Fulbright scholarship awarded to PhD student David Waddington   View Summary
16 April 2013
David WaddingtonPhD Student at the University of Sydney School of Physics ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS) David Waddington, has been named the prestigious 2013 ANSTO Fulbright Scholar. The scholarship will take Mr Waddinton to the Martinos Centre for Biomedical Imaging at Harvard University in Boston for 12 months. He will be working in the Low Field Imaging Laboratory and will be leaving at the end of the year.
Optics innovation an industry success   View Summary
10 April 2013
CUDOSAn optics innovation by a University of Sydney researcher has been a financial and technology transfer success story creating a wave of sales for Finisar, the Australian company that has used the new technology.
March 2013
Professor Bryan Gaensler elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science   View Summary
27 March 2013
Professor Bryan GaenslerProfessor Bryan Gaensler, from the School of Physics and Director of CAASTRO - the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics, has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, announced on 27 March 2013.
Dr Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture    View Summary
25 March 2013
Dr Peter DomachukThe vision of the Dr Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture is to support the sharing of information from leading optical physicists from around the world with our students, academics and researchers. We aspire to attract the world's leading physicists to come to the University of Sydney and present primarily in the area of Optics, with an alternative broader option of lecturing in Experimental Physics.
February 2013
Sub-Mercury-sized exo-planet, another first for Kepler   View Summary
21 February 2013
Kepler 37bSydney Institute for Astronomy researcher and Physics Head of School Professor Tim Bedding and Dr Dennis Stello have contributed to an international team in discovering the first sub Mercury-sized exoplanet, the innermost of three planets that orbit the Sun-like host star, Kepler-37. The results will be published in the prestigious journal Nature on February 28, 2013.
Generous gift funds Professor Walter Stibbs Lectures    View Summary
13 February 2013
Professor Walter StibbsWith a family association to the University of Sydney spanning more than 128 years, and as a science graduate from the University herself, Margaret Stibbs knew there was no better place to make a generous donation to fund a new lecture series in memory of her eminent husband - astronomer Professor Walter Stibbs.
A29 Demolition complete   View Summary
4 February 2013
A29 DemolitionStage one of the New Australian Institute of Nanoscience (AIN) is now complete, and to see how the whole thing went down (the Physics annexe A29 that is), we have a great time lapse video of the process to have a look at.
The Milky Way is on a diet   View Summary
1 February 2013
The Milky Way GalaxyThe Milky Way is a lot slimmer than we previously A team of University of Sydney astronomers, led by international PhD student, Prajwal Kafle, and his collaborators, Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Geraint Lewis and Sanjib Shama have shown that the Milky Way is a lot slimmer than we previously thought.
Listening to electrons: New method brings scaling-up quantum devices one step closer   View Summary
1 February 2013
Quantum dotsStage one of the New Australian Institute of Nanoscience (AIN) is now complete, and to see how the whole thing went down (the Physics annexe A29 that is), we have a great time lapse video of the process to have a look at.
Images in the extreme   View Summary
1 February 2013
Images in the ExtremeA synthetic image produced from the data of the dust shell around the red giant star W Hydrae, has earned a team from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Science first prize in the annual Canon Australia's Extreme Imaging competition.
January 2013
Anti-lensing: the bright side of voids   View Summary
11 January 2013
Line of sight density contrastsUniversity of Sydney Astronomer Dr Krzysztof Bolejko from the Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA) and his colleagues have uncovered a new anti-lensing effect for objects near cosmic voids by making a careful analysis of gravitational lensing.
PhD Candidate Chris Trinh wins Chambliss Achievement Award   View Summary
11 January 2013
American Astronomical Society Chambliss Achievement medalSchool of Physics PhD student Chris Trinh was one of five graduate recipients of the Chambliss Achievement Award. at the recent American Astronomical Society meeting in January 2013.
A vast, thin plane of corotating dwarf galaxies orbiting Andromeda    View Summary
3 January 2013
Dwarf galaxies circling AndromedaA newly discovered form of coplanar dwarf galaxy structure is challenging astronomers; not due to their complex orbits, but they present a challenge to our ideas of how all galaxies form and evolve.