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December 2016
CAASTRO in the Classroom receives government grant to inspire girls and women to pursue STEM   View Summary
7 December 2016
CAASTRO logoCAASTRO in the Classroom is one of 24 projects to receive government funding in the first round of the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Grants to encourage girls and women to study and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.
INSPIRE-2 CubeSat Accepted by the QB50 Project   View Summary
1 December 2016
INSPIRE-2 CubeSatFollowing on from successful tests at the Australian National University, the AU03 INSPIRE-2 CubeSat has become the third CubeSat to be fully accepted for launch into space in early 2017.
November 2016
Studying the evolution of galaxies   View Summary
18 November 2016
PhysicsJessica Bloom, PhD candidate in the School of Physics, tells us that when researching galaxies, disturbed things come in small packages.
Australian Academy of Science Annual Awards   View Summary
18 November 2016
PhysicsProfessor Joss Bland-Hawthorn is the first University of Sydney academic to win the prestigious biennial 2017 Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal medal in 30 years, and is the first astronomer to do so in over 40 years. He was recognised for his seminal contributions to astrophysics and instrumentation.
Students work to invent the future   View Summary
7 November 2016
PhysicsPhD student Xanthe Croot from the School of Physics, recently took part in the inaugural, cross-discipinary Inventing the Future program.
October 2016
University of Sydney CubeSats on Catalyst   View Summary
21 October 2016
INSPIRE-2 LogoThe Australian QB50 CubeSats were featured on the ABC Catalyst show, featuring the School of Physics's very own INSPIRE-2 CubeSat.
ASELL Schools and CAASTRO in the Classroom Collaboration   View Summary
20 October 2016
ASELL School and CAASTRO in the Classroom collaborationThe first collaboration between ASELL Schools and CAASTRO in the Classroom was held on 19 October, hosted at the University of Sydney with student and teacher participants from all over Australia.
September 2016
Rocket return journey to Mars closer with engine's record efficiency   View Summary
29 September 2016
Patrick Neumann with Rocket ThrusterWorld-record rocket efficiency results in a University of Sydney laboratory are set to be tested in space. Former student, Dr Patrick Neumann, made the announcement today with Airbus Defence & Space.
'Starving' black hole returns galaxy Mrk 1018 to the shadows   View Summary
16 September 2016
Spiral GalaxyFor the second time since it was first observed, a nearby galaxy with a black hole at its centre has mysteriously changed. In a new paper, a University of Sydney PhD student suggests the black hole is being starved of fuel.
August 2016
NSW Government Smart Sensing Network co-led by University of Sydney Scientist   View Summary
29 August 2016
CUDOS LogoLight-based technologies that could underpin super-smart phones that can sense pollution and analyse blood are in focus in the creation of the NSW Government Smart Sensing Network, co-led by the University of Sydney's Professor Benjamin Eggleton.
Faintest hisses from space reveal famous star's past life   View Summary
3 August 2016
Spiral GalaxyResearch led by a student at the University of Sydney and including an international team of astronomers has managed to peer into the past of supernova remnant 1987A using the Murchison Widefield Array.
July 2016
International collaboration will dramatically improve Internet capacity   View Summary
28 July 2016
CUDOS LogoAn international collaboration between scientists from the School of Physics and the Advanced Institute of Industrial Science and Technology in Japan has achieved a breakthrough for enabling faster, more compact and cost-efficient telecommunications using advanced optical frequency comb technology.
Game-changer for astronomical instrumentation   View Summary
28 July 2016
Spiral GalaxyThe SAMI team from the University of Sydney and the AAO win the Peter McGregor Prize for achievement and innovation in astronomical instrumentation.
June 2016
International Space Station to launch Australian CubeSats   View Summary
29 June 2016
Spiral GalaxyResearchers from Sydney SpaceNet at the School of Physics are testing their cube-sized satellites at the ANU space simulator to ensure they are ready for launch from the International Space Station later this year.
CAASTRO student to mix with best and brightest   View Summary
28 June 2016
Lindau MeetingCAASTRO PhD student Joseph Callingham is attending the 66th Lindau Meeting in Germany (26 June - 1 July), encountering more Nobel Laureates than most of us would in a lifetime!
May 2016
Optics breakthrough to revamp night vision   View Summary
25 May 2016
CUDOS logoA breakthrough by Australian researchers could make infra-red technology easy-to-use and cheap, potentially saving millions of dollars in defence and other areas using sensing devices.
Parenting and First Aid Room Open   View Summary
19 May 2016
Australian Breastfeeding Association logoThe School of Physics has welcomed the opening of the Parenting/First Aid Room in the School of Physics Building (A28) in May, as part of the numerous infrastructure projects occurring in the School over the past year.
Laser Solar Cells: New Designs for More Efficient Solar PV Power Generation   View Summary
13 May 2016
IPOSPhysicists from the Institute of Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS) at the School of Physics have proposed an innovative mechanism of harvesting solar energy more efficiently at lower costs than traditional photovoltaic (PV) cells.
Dawn of Nanophotonics   View Summary
5 May 2016
CUDOS logoProfessor Eggleton from CUDOS in the School of Physics has written on the dawn of nanophotonics in The Conversation.
April 2016
A Planet for Goldilocks   View Summary
27 April 2016
NASA logoDr Natalie Batalha from the NASA Ames Research Center and Mission Scientist for NASA's Kepler Mission will give the annual Professor Walter Stibbs Lecture on 28 April.
CUDOS on ABC 24 - Australia National   View Summary
27 April 2016
CUDOS logoProfessor Eggleton from CUDOS in the School of Physics explains photonics and other research being conducted in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub in this interview with ABC 24 News.
International Women's Day at the School of Physics   View Summary
20 April 2016
IWD logoThe School of Physics joined in the global celebrations of International Women's Day and its theme of 'Pledge For Parity' on 8 March 2016 by taking part in two events to highlight our efforts for diversity and to affirm our commitment to creating a more diverse and equitable workplace.
March 2016
Physicists in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub   View Summary
14 March 2016
SNH buildingResearchers from the School of Physics have featured in the Sydney Morning Herald discussing the cutting edge research taking place in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub.
February 2016
A/Professor Mike Biercuk to give a tech talk on board a Qantas flight to San Francisco   View Summary
17 February 2016
Michael BiercukFour innovators will lead the first Ideas that Travel event in partnership with TEDxSydney aboard a Qantas flight from Sydney to San Francisco - and two of those are associated with the University of Sydney - including quantum physicist Associate Professor Michael Biercuk.
A/Professor Tara Murphy responds to discovery of gravitational waves   View Summary
12 February 2016
Black holeA century following Albert Einstein's publication of his general theory of relativity we have confirmation, with the detection of gravitational waves by the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (aLIGO) detectors.
January 2016
Global nitrogen footprint mapped for first time   View Summary
28 January 2016
Integrated Sustainability AnalysisFour countries cause almost half the world's emissions, with developing countries tending to suffer local pollution caused by foreign demand.
New class of light wave discovered   View Summary
28 January 2016
CUDOS logoCUDOS researchers published in Nature Communications, led by Dr Andrea Blanco-Redondo, detail their discovery of an entirely new class of optical soliton called pure-quartic solitons.