2017 News archive

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July 2017
Microsoft and Sydney forge quantum partnership   View Summary
25 July 2017
Professor Reilly and his team at Station Q SydneyA multi-year partnership establishes ongoing investment focused on Sydney's Quantum Nanoscience Laboratory to scale-up devices, as Microsoft moves from research to real world engineering of quantum machines.
April 2017
Harnessing light at the nanoscale   View Summary
21 April 2017
CUDOS and their chipProfessor Ben Eggleton and Dr Andrea Blanco Redondo from the School of Physics are set to illuminate the science of light at the nanoscale with their dazzling Sydney Science Forum.
Light at the start of the 21st century tunnel   View Summary
21 April 2017
Atiyeh Zarifi, PhD student in the School of PhysicsAtiyeh Zarifi, PhD student in Physics, provides insights into her photonics research and its applications before the next Sydney Science Forum - Bright lights: The science of light at the nanoscale.
Photonics Breakthrough paving the way for improved wireless communication Systems   View Summary
5 April 2017
CUDOS and their chipResearchers from the ARC Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) in the University of Sydney's Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology have made a breakthrough achieving radio frequency signal control at sub-nanosecond time scales on a chip-scale optical device.
March 2017
Dame Athene Donald to give memorial lecture   View Summary
13 March 2017
IPOSThe Institute of Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS) and the School of Physics are proud to announce that Dame Athene Donald from Cambridge University will be presenting this year's Dr Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture. This is Dame Donald's first visit to Australia, so don't miss the chance to see her live.
New survey finds Peter Pan Radio Galaxies   View Summary
13 March 2017
Galaxy within a supermassive black holeAstronomers from the School of Physics have identified 1500 compact galaxies powered by newly energized black holes.
Professor Zdenka Kuncic awarded prestigious Harvard Fellowship   View Summary
1 March 2017
Professor Zdenka KuncicProfessor Kuncic has won a 2017 Australia-Harvard Fellowship to work in Boston on a project that offers hope of better treatment for cancer patients.
February 2017
Data-Driven Astronomy MOOC   View Summary
22 February 2017
PlanetsThe first online astronomy course of its kind.
Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn receives prestigious UC Berkeley Professorship   View Summary
8 February 2017
Professor Joss Bland-HawthornARC Laureate Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn in the School of Physics has been awarded a visiting Miller Professorship to work at the University of California Berkeley, United States.
Smart Sensing Network to probe pollution, human health, wildlife   View Summary
1 February 2017
Professor Ben EggletonThe NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) is being officially launched today at the Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology (AINST). Professor Benjamin Eggleton from the School of Physics is co-director of the NSSN.
Improving the world one wavelength at a time   View Summary
1 February 2017
PhD student Atiyeh ZarifiSchool of Physics PhD student Atiyeh Zarifi explains how her research is contributing to advancements in photonics, a research field becoming more important in improving technologies, medicine and exploring the universe.
CUDOS invention solves key issue in photonics integration industry   View Summary
1 February 2017
CUDOSCUDOS joint PhD student Andri Mahendra and his colleagues in the School of Physics and School of Electrical and Information Engineering at The University of Sydney have developed an integrated circuits controller that enables complex photonic devices to be more robust to internal and external disturbances, addressing one of the key issues in the photonics integration industry.
January 2017
Scaling up quantum computing using circulators   View Summary
31 January 2017
ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum SystemsResearchers at the University of Sydney have developed a circulator capable of directing microwaves that can fit on a chip, making it suitable for scaling up quantum-computing architectures.
Seeing the quantum future ... literally   View Summary
18 January 2017
Engineered Quantum SystemsScientists at the University of Sydney have demonstrated the ability to "see" the future of quantum systems, and used that knowledge to preempt their demise, in a major achievement that could help bring the strange and powerful world of quantum technology closer to reality.