Educational app to explore plants on campus

28 October 2014

Campus Flora - an exciting new teaching and learning app is now available on iTunes. This app encourages exploration and study of the University's botanical specimens.

"The whole campus is now our botany teaching and learning space," said Campus Flora developer Dr Rosanne Quinnell.

The remainder of the app team included Dr Matthew Pye, Shawn Wang (eResources Unit) and undergraduate students Lachlan Pettit and Angela Pursey.

Campus Flora maps locations of more than 1000 individual plants from over 40 families on campus and provides a botanical description of each plant and information on its distribution. 'Trails' highlight the important aspects of select plant groups and the team has initially developed these to align with the current botanical curriculum.

The work in developing the app was presented at the recent Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education conference, where is received very positive feedback. "I have been fielding emails and phone calls from colleagues at other universities who are extremely keen to implement this app on their own campuses," said Rosanne.

You can download Campus Flora to your iPhone now to start exploring our beautiful grounds.