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December 2013
Thompson Lab Triumphs   View Summary
13 December 2013
Melanie Laird won first prize for her work on fat-tailed dunnart pregnancyThree student prizes were up for grabs…and two were won by PhD students from the Thompson lab! Melanie Laird and Francesca van den Berg won first and third prizes, respectively, at the recent Australian and New Zealand Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry meeting.
November 2013
Petah Low wins the 2013 Wiley Fundamental Ecology Award   View Summary
27 November 2013
Simulating predator attack on an unsuspecting caterpillarPhD candidate in the Hochuli lab, Petah Low, has won a $5000 grant from the Ecological Society of Australia to support her research into caterpillar foraging.
Over 5 million dollars in grant money awarded to School of Biological Sciences researchers   View Summary
20 November 2013
School of Biological SciencesIn the last month, our academics have been awarded grants from the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council totalling $5,310,820.
Winner of the Dr Paris Goodsell Grant in Aid announced   View Summary
17 November 2013
Clarissa studies limpet orientationThis year, there are two winners for the Dr Paris Goodsell Marine Ecology Grant in Aid - Ana Bugnot and Clarissa Fraser.
Postgraduate Excellence Prize awarded for cheating bee research   View Summary
13 November 2013
Developing queen cellMichael Holmes has won the 2013 Postgraduate Excellence Prize for his presentation exploring sneaky (and well timed) worker bee behaviour.
Vale Professor Alan Walker   View Summary
6 November 2013
Alan Walker measured the electrical potential difference across plant cell membranes – such as this Professor Norman Alan (Alan) Walker FAA, who joined the School of Biological Sciences in 1967 and retired as Challis Professor of Biology in 1993, passed away on 28 October, 2013.
Students from the Hochuli lab sweep the field at the Australian Entomological Society Conference   View Summary
1 November 2013
Gum-Leaf Skeletoniser caterpillarsBoth the best student talk and the best student poster at the 2013 Australian Entomological Society Conference were won by students from the Hochuli lab.
October 2013
Student thesis awarded for odourous research   View Summary
25 October 2013
Tasmanian Devil body odour samples used in Alex Carthey's researchAlex Carthey has won the inaugural DW Cooper Student Thesis Award from the Australasian Wildlife Management Society. Her thesis investigated the response of native mammals to the smell of native and alien predators.
Evidence of unsustainable fishing in the Great Barrier Reef   View Summary
16 October 2013
Sea cucumber (curry fish species)Sea cucumber fishing in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park shows worrying signs of being unsustainable. This situation is outlined in a study recently published in the journal Fish and Fisheries by Maria Byrne, Professor of Marine Biology in the School of Biological Sciences, and lead author Dr Hampus Eriksson, post-doctoral researcher at Stockholm University.
Science students win two special prizes at the regional iGEM Jamboree   View Summary
15 October 2013
Team Sydney Uni at the regional iGEM Jamboree in Hong KongThe first University of Sydney synthetic biology team has taken out two special prizes at the international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition in Hong Kong.
Call for new approach to koala conservation   View Summary
4 October 2013
Koala with radio tracking collarLand management practices must change to protect vulnerable koala populations, according to new School of Biological Sciences research published in the international biodiversity and ecology journal, Ecography.
September 2013
University microscopes for Thoo Mweh Khee Senior College   View Summary
30 September 2013
Students of Thoo Mweh Khee Senior College try out their new microscopesMicroscopes donated by the School of Biological Sciences have made their way to a refugee school on the Thai-Burma border. The two second-hand microscopes donated to the Thoo Mweh Khee Senior College will boost the student's science understanding and hopefully, their curiosity too.
Professor Rick Shine wins Eureka Prize for Outstanding Mentor of Young Researchers   View Summary
5 September 2013
Professor Rick Shine - third time winner of a Eureka PrizeProfessor Rick Shine, from the School of Biological Sciences, won the Eureka Prize for Outstanding Mentor of Young Researchers, presented at the Eureka Prizes awards ceremony on 4 September.
Min's Wins   View Summary
4 September 2013
Associate Professor Min Chen wins awards for chlorophyll researchAssociate Professor Min Chen has recently been awarded both the Robin Hill Award from the International Society of Photosynthesis Research and the Peter Goldacre Award from the Australian Society of Plant Scientists.
August 2013
Urban spider study reaps awards   View Summary
28 August 2013
Lizzy Lowe presents at the 19th International Congress of ArachnologyElizabeth (Lizzy) Lowe, PhD candidate in the Hochuli lab, has won the award for best student presentation at the recent International Congress of Arachnology.
Eureka Prize finalists for the School of Biological Sciences   View Summary
20 August 2013
Professors Rick Shine and Steve SimpsonTwo scientists from the School of Biological Sciences have been named as finalists in the prestigious Eureka Prizes, known as the Oscars of Australian science.
July 2013
The accelerating invader: super-speedy cane toads on the frontline   View Summary
30 July 2013
Cane toads may spread into territory previously thought impossibleCurrent studies underestimate how fast invasive species like cane toads spread into new areas, find researchers from the Shine lab.
Young Scientist Award for cold fish acclimation research   View Summary
25 July 2013
Alex Little at a conference in SpainAlex Little, PhD candidate with Frank Seebacher, has won the Young Scientist Award at the Society for Experimental Biology meeting in Spain this month.
June 2013
US to Oz fellowship for marine science student   View Summary
28 June 2013
Steve Doo with Julia GillardSteve Doo, a PhD candidate with Professor Maria Byrne, has been selected as one of the American Australian Association Sir Keith Murdoch Fellows for 2012-2013.
Students inhibited by maths-fear not maths-ability   View Summary
12 June 2013
The signature pedagogy of science'Maths-anxiety' may explain the poor application of quantitative skills by some science students, according to a new paper in the International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology.
May 2013
Teaching Award for Biology team   View Summary
20 May 2013
Winners of the 2013 Teaching and Learning awardA major review and revamp of junior-year biology units, Concepts in Biology and Living Systems, has been awarded the 2013 Learning and Teaching Award.
Professor Steve Simpson elected to the Royal Society   View Summary
8 May 2013
Professor Steve Simpson, FRSThe School of Biological Sciences' Professor Steve Simpson has been announced as a new Fellow of the Royal Society.
Fellowship awarded to study dengue dynamics   View Summary
1 May 2013
Dr Prasad ParadkarVisitor to the School of Biological Sciences, Dr Prasad Paradkar, studies insect-transmitted viruses. He has recently arrived here on an Eric French Fellowship to learn specialised techniques with Professor Eddie Holmes.
April 2013
Golden staph fluoresces in rainbow colours   View Summary
16 April 2013
May 2013 AEM coverImages of living Golden Staph cells, containing green and red fluorescent proteins, light up the cover of next month's Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
Photo competition for first-year biologists   View Summary
11 April 2013
Photo submitted for microscopy competitionThey say a picture tells a thousand words and in science photography we want those thousand words to educate, enlighten and explain. Out-of-focus instagram images are of no use here!
Winton Charitable Foundation winners   View Summary
8 April 2013
Winton charitable foundation winnersMathematical biology students have been awarded a number of internships and scholarships from the Winton Charitable Foundation. These students will use the power of mathematics to grapple with the complexity of the natural world.
March 2013
Converting flowers into branches   View Summary
28 March 2013
March cover Plant PhysiologyA newly named gene in the grass species Brachypodium, called MORE SPIKELETS1, has been found by Dr Mary Byrne to convert flowers into branches. A stunning scanning electron micrograph image of this work has made the cover of this month's Plant Physiology.
Bringing back the wolves: a chance for the dingoes too?   View Summary
22 March 2013
DingoThe re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park offers Fulbright Scholar, Dr Thomas Newsome, the opportunity to ponder the benefits for Australia in using similar measures with dingoes.
Coral cell-signal for algal control   View Summary
19 March 2013
Small-knob coralCorals need to control the growth of their intra-cellular algae, lest the algae become parasitic. In a paper recently published in FEBS Journal, researcher Dr Adrienne Grant, has demonstrated how a local coral's cell signal exerts that control.
February 2013
Prestigious Val Street Scholarship awarded to biology student   View Summary
12 February 2013
Val Street scholar Georgia Ward-FearGeorgia Ward-Fear is the 2013 recipient of the Val Street Scholarship. Northern Australia's top order predators are currently in decline, and Georgia aims to find out why.
Deadly virus discovered in bats also jumps species   View Summary
8 February 2013
Bats have been found to be a host for hantavirusesFour new forms of hantavirus, one of the most virulent pathogens transmitted from animals to humans, has been identified by international research contributed to by the University of Sydney.
January 2013
Survival at 40oC Above   View Summary
29 January 2013
Bookcover for Survival at 40oC AboveAuthor Debbie S. Miller spent time with the Desert Ecology Research Group in the Simpson Desert for her new children's book - Survival at 40oC Above.
Zoological Society of India fellowship for Professor Chris Dickman   View Summary
11 January 2013
Zoological Society of India fellow Professor Chris DickmanOver Christmas, Professor Chris Dickman was elected to the fellowship of the Zoological Society of India.