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December 2007
The universal language of the arts   View Summary
18 December 2007
Mrs FulbrightAn arts education is fundamental to a better understanding of all subjects according to Mrs Harriet Fulbright, president of the Fulbright Centre, speaking at the University.
Sydney helps China's rural development   View Summary
14 December 2007
Professor John Hearn presenting the certificateChinese officials have taken part in an intensive course at the University designed to improve the lives of millions of rural Chinese.
Poetry links indigenous cultures   View Summary
12 December 2007
Eduardo RapimanA new anthology of poetry and art will highlight the links between the indigenous people of Australia and Chile.
Dairy project yields health return for India   View Summary
12 December 2007
making teaReducing milk fat content will tackle India's soaring heart disease problem.
What we think of the United States   View Summary
10 December 2007
AU and US flagsAustralians have lost trust in US values and their political institutions, but retain high levels of respect for US science and technology and its economic opportunities, according to the latest survey from the United States Study Centre.
Women at risk in the Philippines   View Summary
10 December 2007
Dr Bronwyn Winter with women in PhilippineSex tourism, poverty and religious fundamentalism all pose a threat, says Sydney lecturer.
Student takes climate change argument to the UN   View Summary
8 December 2007
Anna RoseA Sydney law student is determined to fight climate change and to inspire, educate, and mobilise young people.
Strengthening ties with China   View Summary
4 December 2007
Graduation ceremony in ChinaThe University's links with China and Chinese universities are growing rapidly, following a visit to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai by senior academic staff.
New links formed with Germany partners   View Summary
3 December 2007
AU and Germany flagsA two-day festival celebrating the University's links with Germany has produced a cluster of potential new partnerships.
Extra funding for research partnerships   View Summary
3 December 2007
GlobeSydney is strengthening its links with the world's leading universities by giving extra money to support its international networks.
Sydney to play a leading role in Chinese Medicine   View Summary
2 December 2007
Chinese traditional medicineResearch into traditional Chinese medicine will be boosted at the University of Sydney with the establishment of a new dedicated research centre.
Institute expands for better health in India   View Summary
1 December 2007
Indian flagThe University's George Institute for International Health today announced the launch of The George Institute, India in Hyderabad.
November 2007
Chinese investment   View Summary
29 November 2007
Chinese investment
My City Jakarta   View Summary
28 November 2007
My City
My city - Jakarta   View Summary
26 November 2007
How microscopy can unlock the key to disease   View Summary
26 November 2007
tankeA leading international scientist will discuss the latest microscopic techniques in a public lecture to launch the Electron Microscope Unit's Golden Jubilee Symposium.
Iron is the key to reducing infant mortality in China   View Summary
26 November 2007
hospital bedChinese experts reveal that iron supplements in pregnancy can prevent infant deaths.
Green communications coming to a computer near you   View Summary
26 November 2007
treeExisting materials will provide unlimited bandwidth in the near future, according to Dr David Moss from CUDOS.
2008 US Presidential Election survey   View Summary
4 November 2007
americanflagThe Unites States Studies Centre shares results of a major survey on Australian views of the election.
Sydney University student wins Rhodes Scholarship    View Summary
4 November 2007
Natasha SimonsenThe winner of the 2009 NSW Rhodes Scholarship is Natasha Simonsen, a University of Sydney economics/law graduate.
October 2007
US Studies Centre appoints leading academics   View Summary
28 October 2007
American FlagThe United States Studies Centre has appointed four leading social scientists with expertise in key areas of interest to the US and Australia.
A collective approach to disaster   View Summary
15 October 2007
flood imageProfessor Helen Dunstan tells in a lecture how Imperial China set a model for flood relief.
Young Australians witness china's development   View Summary
15 October 2007
robert imageInvited by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, a group of Australian university students recently visited China and experienced for themselves the country's rapid development
Extra funding for research partnerships   View Summary
12 October 2007
test1The University of Sydney has strengthened its commitment to forging research partnerships with leading universities around the world.