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Biological flocculation of suspended particle matter in nutrient-rich acqueous ecosystems


This project is aimed to investigate the flocculation dynamics of biomineral suspended particle matter (SPM) in turbulently-stirred waters. The objective is to assess the effect of micro-organisms on the floc fractal properties, aggregation and breakup efficiencies, and the time evolution of the SPM floc size and settling velocity distributions under nutrient-controlled conditions. The project foresees a comprehensive experimental investigation in a newly designed facility which makes use of advanced techniques including optical recordings with micro-PIV devices. The project also foresees the development of a mathematical model to be used in conjunction with the experimental data. The outputs and outcomes of this project have direct application to hydraulics and hydrology, water quality and management, and belong to the wider effort of our Environmental Fluids team to assess the repercussions of human activities and global water and soil changes on the ecosystem.


Dr Federico Maggi.

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Civil Engineering

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Strongly experimental and theorethical with emphasis on experimental data analysis and interpretation with models.

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