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Molecular investigations of receptors involved in neurological disorders


The Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience investigates molecular regulation and drug interactions that occur in receptors associated with neurological diseases.


Dr Damian Holsinger.

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Camperdown - Brain and Mind Centre

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The Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience is located at the Brain and Mind Research Institute (BMRI) in the Camperdown health research precinct. We investigate molecular and biochemical aspects of neural receptors in health and disease. In collaboration with The Ramaciotti Imaging Centre at BMRI we study the interaction between novel biomarkers (drugs and imaging probes) and neuroreceptors using classical molecular biology and protein chemistry approaches coupled with non-invasive imaging technologies that will improve our understanding of disease.

Our research covers an exciting and diverse range of fields including molecular cloning, protein expression and detection, photoaffinity chemistry and neuropharmacology. By using molecular imaging techniques within these fields we are able to better understand the living brain through in vivo studies. This area of investigation is fast becoming the preferred method for the study of brain regions and neural pathways affected in substance abuse, neurodegenerative and psychotic disorders as well as the fundamental understanding of receptor-ligand interactions.

There are opportunities for exciting and challenging PhD projects in: The molecular cloning, expression and characterization of neuroreceptors and their ligands; Development of structure-activity relationships of bioactive molecules Use of novel molecules for studies of receptor biology.

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Techniques: RT-PCR, molecular cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, cell culture, gene silencing (RNA interference), transfection, gene expression, western blotting, antibody generation, enzyme assays, recombinant protein expression, photolabeling, receptor binding and kinetics

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