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History of education, History curriculum, Colonial and Imperial History, Indian History


Tim is working on an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant concerning the disciplinarity of classroom language and he has published a book on the social history of Western Victoria, Australia. Tim has been involved in history-syllabus development in NSW, and is particularly interested in developing its Asian prespective. He has also developed a course on cross-cultural education which has enabled his students to undertake international fieldwork research in Asia, Canada and Europe. Tim is also currently using the model of 'knowledge transfer' and gender for two research projects.


Professor Tim Allender.

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School of Education and Social Work

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Tim's principal work concerns colonial education focussing on India using postcolonial and feminist paradigms. He has published international articles on these topics and his book, Ruling Through Education analyses, in postcolonial perspective, colonial education in north India in the late nineteenth century.

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