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Chris welcomes expressions of interest from doctoral candidates with interests in medical and health science education, with a particular focus on clinical learning, assessment and professionalism. He is especially interested in supervising research students who undertake, a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research around teacher/supervisors' and/or students/trainees' thinking about the practices of assessment. Theses by publication are preferred.


Associate Professor Chris Roberts.

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North Shore - Northern Clinical School

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My own research focus is on student and postgraduate trainee assessment, informed by psychometric theory, with a special focus on the impact of educational assessment on learning.

Informed by social psychology theory, I focus on measuring performance, professional behaviours, and investigating how assessment is understood by students/trainees, teachers/supervisors, and all those with an interest in the outcomes of medical and health science education.

I am interested in the way that the clinical education settings most powerfully influence the practices of assessment and impacts on preparation for clinical practice. For example, current topics of interest include:

  1. How do we demonstrate technical adequacy in reporting aggregates of complex clinical performance-based assessments e.g. portfolios and understanding how they enhance student learning.
  2. What is the relationship of interviewers' conceptions of assessment to their decision-making in admission interviews and the impact of those beliefs and practices on the fairness of student/trainee selection?
  3. Informed by Systems Learning Theory, what is the relationship between the degree to which a student or trainee is socially networked within a clinical education setting and their performance in clinical assessments.
  4. To what extent does ta self assessment of clinical reasoning capability indicate vulnerability to medical error

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Chris is also a general practitioner and undertakes collaborative research in health services research particularly in aged care.

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