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Understanding the role of novel genes in disease


From mRNA arrays we have identified a number of ‘novel’ genes that influence tissue function. Our studies are investigating the biochemical basis for the mechanism of action, the structural basis for function and the role of these genes in disease. Thus far we have identified genes with major effects on obesity, liver disease, liver fibrosis and solid tumour growth.


Professor Jennifer Gamble.

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Camperdown - Centenary Institute

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Technologies include state-of-the art imaging, biochemical analysis of signalling pathways, molecular analysis for protein structure, in vitro cell based models, animal models of disease using normal and mutant mice, generation of unique mutant mice.

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The studies investigating the genetic basis underlying liver disease are performed in collaboration with Prof Geoff McCaughan, Liver Injury and Cancer Biology Program and the Centenary Institute. This project, together with the studies of novel genes involved in angiogenesis is funded through our NH&MRC Program Grant.

Additional Supervisor: Dr Angelina Lay

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