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Building health systems research capacity in the Solomon Islands


The Australian government has supported the social sector in the Solomon Islands for over a decade including substantial efforts to provide equitable, effective and financially feasible health care for the people of the Solomon Islands. One way to ensure this is through health system research to answer key questions with follow-on improvements to programs, clinical and management practices, and health policies based on evidence.
The University of Sydney, the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and the National Referral Hospital in Honiara are collaborating on a suite of qualitative and quantitative research projects. Overall the aim of the projects are to both produce research/policy outputs as well as support capacity development in the Solomon Islands for health systems and policy research. Projects aim to lead to evidence-based health systems improvements and to date have been in the following areas: health aid coordination (sector-wide approaches), injury/trauma, critical care, referral practices and telemedicine.


Professor Alexandra Martiniuk.

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City - The George Institute for Global Health

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This is a great opportunity for a keen student who would like to engage in research in Sydney and/or the Solomon Islands. Students may suggest a particular area of their own interest within health systems, clinical and chronic care or join one of the on-going research projects. Projects involve collaborating with colleagues in the Solomon Islands, Australia and globally who are doing similar research.

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The project location is a combination of the below options:

  • USYD Camperdown campus
  • George Institute city office
  • Royal Far West in Manly, NSW
  • Work from home
  • Travel if desired

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