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Patient preferences and willingness to pay for genomic information in cancer and cardiovascular disease


It is not clear how people value genetic or genomic health information, and traditional economic evaluation may not capture the full benefit of this service. This PhD will examine patient and family preferences for receiving genomic information in three areas: diagnostics (eg. inherited conditions); treatment (eg. where genomic information may benefit only a small proportion of the population) and prevention (where genomic information may motivate healthy behaviours). Specialised methods to elicit preferences will include discrete choice experiments (DCEs).


Associate Professor Rachael Morton.

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NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre

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This research project in applied health economics, aims to improve the current understanding of the value of genomic information. The outputs from this project will inform economic evaluation of genomic testing, and influence policy in this area. The PhD will be undertaken in collaboration with expert clinicians at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, and may be applied to cancer and/or cardiovascular disease, depending on the background and interest of the successful applicant.

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Additional supervisor- Professor Martin Stockler

The suitable candidate will have a background in science, medicine, economics, or statistics including post-graduate training. Demonstrated quantitative research skills and an ability to publish high quality research are required.

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