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Aged Care Services - Investigating pathways of home and community care service use


This program is being conducted in collaboration with Professor Julie Byles (Newcastle University) as part of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing research (CEPAR).  We are developing methods and capacity to use health services and survey data to examine ways in which the use and impacts of health and aged care services change as people grow older and to provide information that can inform health care service delivery, planning and policy. The program will also develop methods for using longitudinal and linked data to evaluate health care innovations and programs aimed at addressing the health and care needs of an ageing population. This research capacity could be used for Phd theses on a variety of topics, for example, determinants of hospital use or the service impacts of key transitions such as the onset of disability, reduced social support, service availability.


Associate Professor Kate O'Loughlin.

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Ageing, Work and Health Research Group

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Australia urgently requires information to guide and monitor major health reforms anticipating massive population ageing and increasing demand on health services. Of particular relevance are the challenges of redesigning care for those with chronic and complex conditions, integrating services, and improving distribution and access to services on the basis of need. Such improvements in care require a better understanding of how services respond to changes in health state, movements and interfaces between acute, community and residential care settings, and variations in social and economic contexts. Linkages between longitudinal survey and health services use data is essential to identify how specific health service usage relates to individual changes in physical and mental health and provides the ideal evidence base for understanding these multiple, complex and pressing issues.

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