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Journalism Studies


Research themes in Journalism Studies include journalism history, journalism and the academy, journalism theory, professionalism, journalism cultures, news production, news content, news users, citizen journalism, international journalism, and journalism and society.

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Associate Professor Tim Dwyer, Dr Bunty Avieson, Dr Benedetta Brevini, Dr Megan Le Masurier , Dr Fiona Martin, Dr Joyce Nip, Dr Penny O'Donnell.

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Department of Media and Communications, School of Letters, Art and Media (SLAM)

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Journalism Studies focuses on journalism as one of contemporary society's most important social, cultural and political institutions. The international field of Journalism Studies has grown over the past fifteen years, at a time when economic and technological forces --- from digital news platforms and changing business models, to emerging global journalism cultures and the rise of citizen journalism --- are reshaping professional practice, redefining journalistic expertise, and reconfiguring the role and authority of the institution of journalism in society. Research in this field draws on a diverse range of disciplinary frameworks (communication history, the sociology of the professions, media and cultural studies, political economy, comparative media analysis, political communication). Recent research projects in this field undertaken by academics in the Department of Media and Communications include the future of Australian newspapers, objectivity, news diversity in online media systems, and genres of journalism.

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