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Leadership to Enable Entrepreneurship Inside Large, Bureaucratic Organizations


The research team is interested in expressions of interest in participants keen to engage in a work program inside some of the country's most complex private and public sector organizations, including in the banking, media, health, and government sectors. The work involves detailed analysis of performance inside these organizations to (1) understand the drivers of new product development; and (2) advise on future leadership practice and strategy.


Professor Eric Knight .

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University of Sydney Business School - Generic

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For decades, organizations have been built to be efficient: to get existing products to market in a timely and cost-effective way. But in an increasingly global, competitive world, businesses are under increased pressure to get new ideas to market quickly. Balancing efficiency with agility requires trade-off decisions with respect to (1) strategic direction; and (2) allocation of resources. In falls to senior leaders inside businesses and government departments to make the right decisions. This research program studies (1) what the right conditions to support both efficiency and innovation inside large bureaucratic organizations, and (2) how can leaders increase the probability of making the right calls more often.

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If you are interested in engaging with the research team, please be in touch. We have a strict selection process to target high quality applications for research in Masters, PhD and post doctoral fellowships.

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