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Analysis of Behavioural Patterns after Data Visualization


Learners are given feedback about their interactions in a learning environment. What is the effect in their self-regulation?


Dr Abelardo Pardo.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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Dashboards offer users visual information about a specific context. But, what is the effect of these visualizations? Do they prompt any change in user behaviour? Are they only a collection of neat graphics that catch the attention of users only for a brief moment? Research is needed to measure the impact of dashboards in users. The project proposes the use of data mining and temporal analysis to detect and characterize the usage patterns before and after a visualisation has been seen by a user. The challenge in this project is to obtain a detailed characterization of user behaviour before and after accessing the visualization. Characterize the differences in behaviour with robust statistical methods.

Additional information

Essential expertise:

  • Proficiency in a programming language (Java and Python preferred)
  • Proficiency in web application development (Django preferred)
  • Proficiency in statistical analysis (use of tools such as R or SPSS)
  • Outstanding communication skills (no, seriously!)
Desirable expertise: 
  • Experience in Educational psychology
  • Experience in Data visualization

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