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Goal Setting Applications for Self-Regulation in a Learning Experience


Setting goals, monitoring progress and reflecting on the most efficient tools to achieve these goals are part of how a self-regulated learner behaves in a learning environment. Can technology effectively support this process?


Dr Abelardo Pardo.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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User behaviour can be influenced by proposing a goal setting cycle in which a set of goals is proposed, users choose those that are feasible, are given information about their progress, and prompted for reflection at the end of the process. The project consists on defining this cycle as a tight loop and provide a web-based application to support the entire experience. The challenge in this project is to connect this application with a real-life scenario in which goal-setting can make a difference. Shape the application and include a set of pre-identified desirable outcomes, a set of indicators about the progress, and a set of reflection techniques.

Additional information

Essential expertise:

  • Proficiency in a programming language (Java and Python preferred)
  • Proficiency in web application development (Django preferred)
  • Proficiency in statistical analysis (use of tools such as R or SPSS)
  • Outstanding communication skills (no, seriously!)
Desirable expertise: 
  • Experience in Educational psychology
  • Experience in Data visualization

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