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Automatic Grading for Team Summaries


Teams collaborate in environments mediated by technology. Can the artefacts produced by these teams be “ assessed” for quality?


Dr Abelardo Pardo.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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Natural Language Processing software is now capable of analysing and detecting sophisticated structures in written texts. Can we use this technology to assess what happens inside a team? The project assumes that a team is required to provide written evidence (in electronic format) bout their activities through summaries. Can these summaries be analysed to detect patterns? What patterns are reasonable to detect? The challenge in this project is to create a software application that is robust enough to detect certain pre-defined patterns and validate it in a real situation.

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Essential expertise:

  • Proficiency in a programming language (Java and Python preferred)
  • Proficiency in web application development (Django preferred)
  • Outstanding communication skills (no, seriously!)
Desirable expertise:
  • Experience in Educational psychology
  • Experience in Data visualization

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