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Antibacterial activity of carbon nanomaterials


Understanding the antibacterial activity of carbon nanomaterials and exploring their practical applications


Professor Yuan Chen.

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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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For decades, drugs called antibiotics saved millions of lives by inhibiting bacteria that causes infectious diseases. But sadly, overuse and misuse of antibiotics made them no longer that active against pathogens as bacteria acquire resistance. Now we need new antibiotics to fight resistant bacteria, but antibiotics research reached a saturation phase and discovery of new antibiotic molecules has become a rare event. So, there is an urgent need to find new alternatives to reduce the usage of antibiotics. Carbon nanomaterials have been shown to be promising antibacterial agents. However, their antibacterial activity was relatively low and they show toxicity to human cells at high dose of usage. We aim to better understand their antibacterial activities and explore their practical applications in surface cleaning and health cares.

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