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Community Knowledge of Concussion in Youth and Adolescent Sport


The football codes are physically demanding collision sports. Other sports (eg  netball and cycling) have an element of risk of head injury. Child players can be exposed to high impact forces during collisions or falls, and at risk of concussion at a time of on-going, differential, biological maturation. It is unclear what knowledge first-line assessors in community level sport have of concussion.The research will give the student opportunity to form links with a large number of sporting organisations, to understand the processes of questionnaire development, develop skills in study design, data and statistical analysis, scientific manuscript writing and critical review and synthesis of the literature.


Dr Rhonda Orr.

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Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

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The research aims to gain an understanding of the knowledge that personnel most closely associated with youth sport have of concussion. The research will survey sport trainers’, coaches’, referees’, team managers’, teachers’, parents’ and young adult players’ knowledge of the signs/symptoms of concussion and the management of a player from the concussive event to return to play and school/learning.

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