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Non-destructive techniques for detecting damage in structures


The purpose of this research is to develop non-destructive techniques for assessing, measuring and characterising the structural response of structures


Dr Daniel Dias-da-Costa.

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Civil Engineering

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There are currently many non-destructive techniques available for assessing and measuring different features in existing structures. In particular, thermal variations occurring at the surface of a structure during the day, or even acoustic or ultrasonic measurements, and image processing techniques can be quite valuable tools for detecting potential damage. This research aims at exploring such techniques in the scope of concrete structures. Particular focus will be given to the development of the experimental set-up and procedure, and of the necessary processing algorithms for identifying/quantifying existing damage. There are several pathways possible for this research focusing depending on the research interests and background of the applicant.  

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Applications are invited for researchers interested in joining a world-leading research group within the School of Civil engineering and pursuing further studies in the field of concrete structures. Background in civil/mechanical/aerospace engineering, and skills on numerical methods and/or programming, will be very useful. It is expected a strong commitment to academic research in the proposed field and the capacity to create and develop original approaches to tackle open questions.   Interested researchers are encouraged to get in touch with Dias-da-Costa as soon as possible. 

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