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Performance of granular matrix under heavy haul cyclic loading


The project aims to examine the performance of granular material under repeated (cyclic) loads relevant to road and rail applications. Based on discrete element simulations of spheropolygons, we will extract relevant micromechanical information on cyclic loading dynamics at varied loading frequencies.


Dr Fernando Alonso-Marroquin.

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Civil Engineering

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Two of the key micromechanical aspects of the discrete simulation are: (1) granular fragmentation and (2) effect of liquid bridges on strength. Stress-strain hysteresis relation and soil-water characteristic curve, along with its underlying discrete mechanics, will be formulated via averaging strategies. The approach is expected to enhance understanding of the mechanics of highly polydisperse compacted granular materials under repeated loads for roads and railways.

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You need knowledge in programming, mathematics, and geotechnical engineering.

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