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Analytical Modelling for Landslide’s Prediction


Accurate modelling of landslides allows the prediction of the movements of accelerating landmasses. A successful and early prediction provides populated areas a warning of large mass movement ahead of time, especially with structures that require stabilization from the movement of the ground. It also prevents structures being built in areas affected by landslides, where expensive repair costs can be avoided.


Dr Fernando Alonso-Marroquin.

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Civil Engineering

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The key objective is to develop an analytical model that describes the earth pressure changes and displacements experienced by progressive landslides over time. The aim is to be able to use this model to predict the location and time of failure. It also intends to compare the earth pressures at the base of the landslide to the ultimate pressure capacity of the soil (passive earth pressure), to estimate the time evolution of the factor of safety. For the validation the model will be tested using small-scale experiments of landslides.

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You need knowledge in programming, mathematics, and geotechnical engineering.

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