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Carbon Zero by Off-grid Technologies


Off-grid houses are autonomous dwellings that do not rely on water supply, sewer, or electrical power grid, and are able to operate completely independently of all public utility services. These houses are ideal for remote communities or population suffering from natural or human-made disasters. Our aim is to develop compact and affordable off-grid houses by integrating high-end engineering with systems that imitates natural biological processes.


Dr Fernando Alonso-Marroquin.

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Civil Engineering

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We are seeking for candidates to drive forth new innovations in off-grid technologies.  You will be involved in designing and building prototypes for testing in the following areas of off-grid technology:  environmentally friendly toilet systems, self-contained composting units, rain- and grey- water recycling systems, vertical gardening, modular buildings, and vertical axis wind turbines.

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You must have a broad view of architecture, science and engineering, excellent communication skills, and interest in instrumentation development using Arduino micro-control technology and 3D printing of prototypes.

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is 2177

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