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Oral Health in General Practice; an analysis of how the game is played.


Can you think strategically under pressure? What if your choice of action is the difference between the life and death of a patient? What are the issues to be solved and what is the best strategy to solve them? These questions permeate the daily life of general practitioner's (GPs), which face not only a variety of health issues, but also need to choose the best course of action. Unfortunately, if the range of issues presented is wide, the GPs may commit errors during the assessment of the disease and the prescription of adequate treatment. Thus, a correct analysis of the breadth of issues presented to GPs as well as a strategic response of GP's to different situations are urgently needed. To address this, this interdisciplinary project aims to use strategic models borrowed from Game Theory to model and evaluate the oral health-related issues presented to GPs and their best strategic choices. Then the project moves to reality, and investigate the issues presented to GPs and how they reacted to them using the BEACH data (‘Bettering the Evaluation and Care Of Health'), which is a comprehensive source of cross-sectional data from hundreds of thousands of GP consultations recorded over sixteen years. The project aims to model and determine the types of oral health issues presented to GPs and the actions of care provided, as well as infer the underlying conditions by which the GPs made their choices. This interdisciplinary project will deepen our understanding of the standard of oral health care within the general practice and contribute to the understanding the GP's behaviour during practice.


Professor Joerg Eberhard.

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Sydney Dental School

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This interdisciplinary project links game-theoretical model with real life data to reveal the decision-making processes that influence to GP's course of action.

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Kate Ruiz
Professor Dale Dominey-Howes
Assoc. Professor Natasha Nassar

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