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Backscatter Communications for Green Internet of Things


The internet-of-things (IoT) is becoming an essential technology to support the revolution of various vertical sectors, such as agriculture, industry, energy, healthcare, and transportation. This is achieved through sensing, communications, data analytics, and decision intelligence, etc. To support ubiquitous connections for billions of IoT devices, wireless communications are facing challenges in meeting stringent requirements in latency, reliability and cost. Novel wireless communications technologies are needed. In this project, backscatter communications will be investigated to achieve low power and low cost communications for IoT.


Professor Ying-Chang Liang.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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This project aims to develop backscatter communication techniques for green IoT. Both RFID and ambient backscatter communications will be studied in terms of system design, resource management, protocol and cross-layer design, and multiuser detection. Machine learning techniques will be considered in receiver design and multiuser detection. The developed techniques will be applied to 5G and future cellular radio networks.

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