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The cellular and molecular regulation of embryo development


Postgraduate research studentship in the molecular and cellular analysis of key embryonic transitions. The research program will investigate how changes in histone and DNA methylation influence chromatin organisation within the nuclei within the gametes and early embryo. The relationship between these changes in chromatin organisation and new patterns of gene expression required for cellular differentiation will be investigated.


Professor Chris O'Neill.

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North Shore - Kolling Institute of Medical Research

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This research program we investigate major covalent modifications to histone proteins and DNA a nucleotides on the large-scale organisation of chromatin within the nuclei of embryonic cells. The investigation will be within embryos during normal development and also use embryonic stem cells as models for differentiation. The analysis we use the latest methods for detailed assessment of chromatin organisation at both the base-level and higher-order organisation. Detailed training in the molecular analysis of the limited material available from the early embryo will be a feature of this program, as will be detailed bioinformatics analysis of gene expression.

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