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Athlete Development in Australian Swimming


A full-time PhD scholarship is available for a graduate to undertake research examining athlete development issues in Australian Swimming. The PhD will be conducted as part of a collaboration between The University of Sydney and Swimming Australia. The PhD will be performed jointly at Sydney University and Swimming Australia (Brisbane). Supervisors from both institutions will oversee the research program.


Dr Stephen Cobley.

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Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

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Applicants should have a strong Australian First Class or Second Class Upper Division Honours degree, Master-by-Research degree, or equivalent qualifications. Applicants should be able to: demonstrate academic excellence (including but not limited to academic awards or publications); a high level of verbal and written English proficiency; experience or interest in research or working within a sport science context; demonstrate individual productivity whilst working in a team context; and, show some experience in statistical analysis either working independently or as part of a research team. A background in either competitive swimming (whether as an athlete or coach) or statistical training would be helpful though not mandatory.

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Application and enquiries should be sent to: Dr. Stephen Cobley, Discipline of Exercise & Sport Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney, Lidcombe, NSW 2141 (Phone: 935-19033; E-mail:

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