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Randomized controlled trial of epiretinal membrane surgery


Randomized controlled trial of epiretinal membrane surgery


Associate Professor Matthew Simunovic.

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Camperdown - Central Clinical School - Save Sight Institute

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Epiretinal membrane (ERM) is a pathological layer of translucent scar tissue on the retinal surface affecting about 2% of those under 60 years of age and up 12% of those 60 years and older. In some patients, ERM disturbs macular function with resulting visual impairment. Such patients often elect to undergo removal of their epiretinal membrane in order to improve their vision. Two different surgical approaches are used in the removal of epiretinal membranes. Either the ERM alone is removed, or the ERM plus the innermost retinal layer (the internal limiting membrane, or ILM) is removed. It has been proposed that leaving the ILM intact may improve retinal sensitivity, though it may also increase the chance of ERM recurrence. We are commencing the largest randomized controlled trial to date to compare these two surgical approaches. Outcomes will be assessed via a variety of means (clinical, structural, psychophysical and subjective). The project would be especially suited to a post-graduate ophthalmology trainee with an interest in retinal diseases, however candidates with backgrounds in medicine, orthoptics or optometry are welcome to apply.

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