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A modal comparison of resiliency and reliability


Reliability and resilience capture a transport network’s ability to provide consistent accessibility under a range of conditions. Resilience is impacted by the structure of the network, the provision of infrastructure, and traveller demand. Graph theory provides a set of tools for quantifying the components of reliability determined by network topology and capacity. Considering each mode as a layer in the network, the network’s resilience can be calculated and compared to observations of performance variability. The goal is to understand the contributions of network design, traveller demand and other attributes to reliability with a focus on quantifying intermodal coordination.  


Dr Emily Moylan.

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Civil Engineering

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This research brings together analytical work on the structure of real-world transport networks with empirical evidence of variability. Drawing on methods from graph theory and data science, the project will compare expected and observed performance in order to isolate the impacts and inform decisions about network planning.

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