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Poling multilayer dielectric structures for compact active optical devices


Optical communications technology has transformed the world. There is a need to get more optical processing functionality into smaller devices, for applications ranging from inexpensive electro-optic modulation, through efficient visible light generation to generating quantum entanged photon pairs. This project will explore the selective modification of the nonlinearity of silicate planar structures as the basis for creating such compact active optical devices. 


Professor Simon Fleming.

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School of Physics

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The project will explore the modification of micro and nanostructured optical materials. The materials (mainly silicon oxides and silicon nitrides) will be deposited in our state-of-the-art nanofabrication facility. A technique know as poling, which we have pioneered, will be applied to induced nonlinearity in the structures. This will be characterised both at the structural level and the functional level. Optimal parameters for the design and composition of the material layers and the poling procedure will be determined. With this information optimum nonlinear planar samples will be produced which will subsequently be patterned lithographically to make demonstration optical devices. 

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This project builds on pioneering work by our group over the last 8 years in applying fibre-drawing to practical realisation of metamaterials, especially for sub-diffraction imaging. 
Additional Supervisors:  Haoling An
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