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CRF-dopamine interactions in chronic stress


The project will focus on the interactions between CRF and the dopaminergic nuclei of the ventral midbrain and their role in modulating behaviour selection.


Dr David Mor.

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Camperdown - Brain and Mind Centre

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The project will investigate the role of dopamine in modulating corticostriatal circuits regulating behavioural selection, attention and motivation in the healthy state and how CRF activity in the ventral tegmental area and the substantia nigra pars compacta alters this modulation, leading to disruptions in behavioural selection and execution. The project will use animal models of acute and/or chronic stress in order to better understand how stress alters the different type of behaviours and cognitive processes, followed by techniques such as HPLC, immunohistochemistry and gene and protein expression to link the molecular differences found following chronic stress with the altered behaviour.

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