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Influences and interests in biomedical research, policymaking and practice


Opportunities are available for students who want to explore the shaping of biomedical research, policymaking and practice by 1) external commercial and socio-political influences and 2) financial and non-financial conflicts of interest.


Associate Professor Wendy Lipworth.

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Camperdown - School of Public Health - Sydney Health Ethics

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While it is widely recognised that external influences and conflicts of interest (COI) can distort biomedicine and public health and undermine public trust, their definition, detection and management remain contested. As a result, disclosures of influences and COIs are often "ceremonial" and responses are often pejorative, inconsistent or superficial. This research opportunity will allow students to use both empirical and conceptual bioethics analysis to develop and test more robust ways of defining, critiquing and managing influences and interests.

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Specific research questions and methods will be negotiated but could include (for example):
- Conceptual explorations of influences and (financial and/or non-financial) conflicts of interest
- Empirical studies of influence and conflict of interest in specific domains of research, policymaking and practice (e.g. medicines regulation and funding processes, assisted reproductive technology, stem cell medicine)Given the interdisciplinary nature of bioethics research, candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds are welcome (including ethics, law, public health, health care, policy, communications, economics, business, politics, administration, and biomedical science).Students will be encouraged to obtain scholarship funding and will be assisted with their applications.

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