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Imaging atherogenesis in a zebrafish model


This project will characterise immune cell dynamics during atherogenesis by live imaging, and investigate the importance of vascular remodelling and leakage in fuelling atheroma pathology.


Dr Stefan Oehlers, Professor Warwick J Britton.

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Camperdown - Centenary Institute

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Atherosclerosis and complications from atherosclerotic plaques are a leading cause of death and disability in Australia. The paradigm of foamy macrophages and lipid accumulation in the walls of blood vessels is well known. However, our understanding of the basic cellular dynamics that take place in atherogenesis has been limited by our ability to image the vessels in which these processes take place with appropriate resolution.
The zebrafish model of atherosclerosis is a visually accessible model of an intact animal that forms spontaneous atheromas. Using live imaging and experimental tools that have transformed our understanding of the tuberculosis granuloma, this project will study the immune cell interactions that occur during early atherosclerosis and test interventions to prevent atherogenesis.

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