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Information-theoretic Secure Communications via Caching


The need for secure communications is paramount. Cybersecurity breaches cost Australian companies millions of dollars each year. This project aims to circumvent the shortcomings of current security approaches by developing a new, provably-unbreakable technique to secure communications using information cached at devices to camouflage data.


Dr Phee Yeoh.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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This project addresses the cybersecurity problem of securing telecommunication networks to prevent data leakage. Current widely-adopted data-encryption approaches to secure communications will be broken with large scale quantum computers, and existing information-theoretic approaches rely on the channel quality of the network. To circumvent these, this project proposes a new information-theoretic approach using information cached at devices, a widely available but under-utilised resource, to camouflage data. Expected outcomes include theoretical foundation, code construction, and performance characterisation. Ultimately, this new approach will allow us to secure communications in scenarios where none of the existing approaches are feasible.

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