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Comparative and International Education Research Network


The Comparative and International Education Research Network uses innovative methodologies in cross-cultural research, critical policy studies, critical discourse analysis, and postcolonial critique to investigate issues relating to education. We provide a collaborative space for research partnerships, encourage interdisciplinary connections and hold joint activities.
The network has three main aims:

  • advancing research and collaborations addressing contemporary education issues within Australia that are influenced by a range of external drivers
  • exploring how, in times of rapidly shifting domestic politics, principles of equity and social justice in education are shaped within Australian social policy
  • understanding issues of diversity and disadvantage with a focus on ethnicity, gender, geographic isolation, poverty and Aboriginality.


Dr Yeow-Tong Chia, Professor Tim Allender, Associate Professor Nigel Bagnall, Dr Alexandra McCormick, Dr Matthew A.M. Thomas, Professor Anthony Welch.

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School of Education and Social Work

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Advancing research in contemporary global education issues.
We bring together academics and students exploring globalisation, internationalisation, citizenship, identities, aid and international development relating to education.

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