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Sound field recording and recreation


The sound field recording and recreation project aims to develop techniques, equipment and infrastructure to record and recreate two-dimensional and three-dimensional sound fields.


Associate Professor Craig Jin.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Two-dimensional sound fields are recorded using a 24 microphone baffled circular microphone array. Three dimensional sound fields are recorded using a 64 microphone dual open and rigid spherical microphone array.  The spherical microphone array is a novel design, with 32 microphones mounted on a rigid sphere which is placed at the centre of a larger open sphere which also has 32 microphones mounted to it. The two microphone arrays are capable of recording sound fields with a high directivity in a frequency range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz. The applications of the microphone arrays include beamforming, sound localisation and sound field recording. The recorded sound fields are recreated using a circular loudspeaker array for two-dimensional recreation and a spherical loudspeaker array for three-dimensional recreation. The loudspeaker arrays comprise of up to 64 loudspeakers depending on the application. The sound field recording and recreation project has developed techniques and technologies which can be used in applications such as live broadcasting, cinema, teleconferencing and audio research.

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