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Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment


We conduct research, teaching and consulting on the methodology and practice of educational measurement and assessment.


Professor James Tognolini, Dr Graham Hendry, Dr Rachel Wilson.

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Sydney School of Education and Social Work

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The centre's work focuses on:

  • developing theories and models of educational assessment to improve formative and summative assessment in different educational settings
  • evaluating how the different types of assessment influence the effectiveness of learning and learning systems
  • exploring the impacts and opportunities of new assessment technologies in test design, distribution, administration and delivery of results
  • constructing and validating measurement scales for cognitive and non-cognitive constructs
  • researching notions of validity and reliability in different educational assessment contexts
  • exploring how psychometrics is changing education and assessment and how it is impacting on lifelong learning
  • supervising postgraduate studies for local and international students in the areas of educational measurement, assessment and psychometrics.

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