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Social Policy Research Network


We bring together researchers and practitioners from within the University of Sydney and from non-profit and public sectors. We help coordinate research collaborations, host seminars and encourage the involvement of new and early-career researchers, as well as students, managers, policy analysts, and practitioners.


Professor Jioji Ravulo, Professor Susan Goodwin, Dr Susan Heward-Belle, Associate Professor Ruth Phillips, Associate Professor Margot Rawsthorne, Dr Margaret Spencer, Dr Emma Tseris.

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Sydney School of Education and Social Work

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At the Social Policy Research Network, we aim to:

  • Enhance mutual learning and development
  • Support rigorous, timely, relevant, and theoretically informed social policy research
  • Collaborate on developing resources and knowledge to engage in social policy debates
  • Organise events that develop and communicate social policy research to a range of audiences
  • Adopt an inclusive approach to all those involved in social policy.

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